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Are Games Becoming Too Difficult to Complete? I’m Looking at You Breath of the Wild

Do you have enough time?

I’m sorry, but is it just me or is there an influx of games these days that are too complicated to complete? And it’s not just from singular publishers like Ubisoft, FromSoftware, or Nintendo. There really are a lot of games specifically created to keep players in the world for what seems like endless hours. But that’s not inherently a negative thing, at least to the die-hard players. Though, if you don’t have 150+ hours to sink into a game like Elden Ring, then can you ever really expect to complete it? Let’s discuss this.

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Are Games Becoming Too Difficult to Complete? I’m Looking at You Breath of the Wild

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Though over the last few years I’ve noticed a trend on certain games or series’ to have become bigger, more intimidating beasts, it wasn’t until I recently played a fantastic indie title called Lil Gator Game did I actually have time to marinate over what it all really means in the grand scheme of things.

You see, Lil Gator Game is essentially a Breathe of the Wild or modern Assassin’s Creed title boiled down into a five or so hour-long experience that more or less offers the same things, but in a more tolerable amount. Not to say that those titles are bad at all, but they can be extremely time-consuming. So if you aren’t the most dedicated fan, you could be missing out on most of the experiences they have to offer.

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I’ve been a longtime fan of the Assassin’s Creed franchise since AC: II, and never really felt the formula getting as tired, as many fans may have. All of the maps were decently sized, and you could beat them in 20 hours or less. Cut to AC: Origins, and that’s where I began to fall off of the wagon. Monstrously-sized worlds with tons of missions, side missions, and everything in between. And every entry since then, I’ve tried to play but only an hour or so in, and I’m feeling overwhelmed.

The same feeling goes for BOTW, Elden Ring, and even God of War (2018). These are all games that I picked up, but felt so lacking on time for, that I cast them aside to the ever-growing backlog of games I say I’m gonna play but never actually will. I used to be a player that looked specifically for open-world games, as they offered a lot of possibilities. But now I think they’re offering just too much.

I find myself falling back on linear titles, and once in a while, non-linear ones if I want a little bit of freedom. I remember cursing developers for giving us only seven hourlong games back at the beginning of the last console generation, but now I’m missing that. Knowing I can complete a game in its entirety for sure without worry. Now, it’s but a dream.

But then there is the fact that games are leaning in the way of becoming more expensive, so getting more for your hard-earned dollars is more important than ever. So where is a gamer to go if they want something a bit more palatable?

Well, it seems that Ubisoft may be answering our call. A game like AC: Mirage, which falls more in line with the AC games of old could be just what the doctor ordered for gamers like me, who have a lot of other games we enjoy playing too. Hopefully, more developers will follow suit so that there are just as many AC: Mirages as there are The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom.

In the meantime, if you are pressed for time and want a fully open-world experience that can be completed in a night or two, Lil Gator Game is a perfect throwback that’s suitable for old AC fans and even children who want to begin exploring open-world games too.

So, that’s our thoughts on whether or not games are becoming too difficult to complete. If you liked this, then be sure to check out more of our opinions, like “Didn’t We Already Learn Our Lesson About Live-Action Game Adaptations?”. And don’t forget to like us on Facebook too for even more content!

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