Apex Legends Loba Abilities: Passive, Tactical, and Ultimate
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Apex Legends Loba Abilities

Season 5 is right around the corner, and Respawn Entertainment dropped the upcoming patch notes. We now have a list of Apex Legends Loba abilities to dive into. The new legend is coming to the game in Fortune’s Favor, which is the title for Season 5.

Apex Legends Loba Abilities

Loba Andrade uses her Jump Drive bracelet to teleport around and take whatever she wants. We know Loba is an infamous thief, and her abilities match her story. Here are the Apex Legends Loba abilities:

  • Passive – Eye for Quality
  • Tactical – Burglar’s Best Friend
  • Ultimate – Black Market Boutique

Her skills revolve mostly around mobility and looting. Let’s take an in-depth look at each ability.

Passive – Eye for Quality

Nearby epic and Legendary loot can be seen through walls by Loba. The range on Eye for Quality is the same as Black Market Boutique. Loba can see this loot and even ping it through walls.

Apex Legends Loba Abilities - Passive Eye for Quality
Respawn Entertainment

Tactical – Burglar’s Best Friend

Loba can teleport to hard-to-reach areas or quickly escape trouble using her Jump Drive bracelet. From the reveal trailer, we see a time travel device called a Jump Drive on Loba’s wrist. She utilizes this device with her Burglar’s Best Friend tactical ability.

Apex Legends Loba Abilities - Tactical - Burglar's Best Friend

Ultimate – Black Market Boutique

Loba places a portable device that allows her to teleport nearby items straight to her inventory. Each friendly or enemy Legend can take up to two items. Anyone can use this device, but Loba is the only one that can collapse it. You will want to make sure you get rid of it when you’re done, otherwise, enemies can come and use it.

Apex Legends Loba Abilities - Ultimate - Black Market Boutique
Respawn Entertainment

Overall, Loba will be an interesting character to see evolve in the current meta. She can be utilized in a team composition to quickly get your team decked in Epic and Legendary loot.

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