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Animal Crossing: New Horizons New Fish in April

April is just around the corner, which means a brand new month to catch some new fish. Below you can find a list of new fish for April that were not available in March. There’s ten new fish you can find if you’re in the Northern Hemisphere, and only two new ones in the Southern Hemisphere.

Find the fish name, their location, shadow size, selling price, and time of day when you can capture them on the table below. If you’re looking for a complete list of all fish, check out our New Horizons fish price and location guide.

New Fish for April (Northern Hemisphere)

KillifishPondTiny300All Day
CrawfishPondMedium200All Day
Snapping TurtleRiverX-Large50009PM-4AM
Neon TetraRiverTiny5009AM-4PM
SeahorseOceanTiny1100All Day
ClownfishOceanTiny650All Day
SurgeonfishOceanSmall1000All Day
Butterfly FishOceanSmall1000All Day
Zebra TurkeyfishOceanMedium500All Day

New Fish for April (Southern Hemisphere)

DabSeaMedium300All day
Yellow PerchRiverMedium300All day
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