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All Status Effects in Omega Strikers

Get to know the game before you attempt to win!
Omega strikers all status effects
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If you ever thought about how a crossover between Rocket League and a classic RPG would look like, we’ve got an answer – Omega Strikers. This 3v3 football/soccer game is an excellent example of how two seemingly incompatible genres can work together.

However, Omega Strikers isn’t as simple as Rocket League. While trying to score vs the enemy team you will need to disable enemies and avoid them disabling you and use your powerful moves to strike the ball (the Core) just at the right time. In order to do that effectively you need to fully grasp all status effects in the game and how they work. Dive in to find out everything you need to know about status effects in Omega Strikers.

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Omega Strikers: List of All Status Effects

Here is a full overview of the status effects that you can encounter in Omega Strikers and brief explanations of what effect they can have on you.

  • Haste – temporary speed boost that can help you save your goal or seriously threaten the enemy.
  • Stunned – Stops a player or Core from moving when under this effect.
  • Knocked – Push the enemy or the Core into a certain direction. Knocked enemies get stunned while knocked Core doesn’t. Not to be confused with Knocked Out status effect.
  • Knocked Out – When you get pushed off the arena you are considered to be knocked out and you have to wait for a respawn.
  • Staggered – Each time you get your hit stagger meter fills up. When it is maxed out you are under a staggered effect and all knocks will have a stronger effect on you. Some stronger hits can even instantly knock you out.
  • Banished – both Striker and Core that is under this effect are untargetable and immune to all other effects. Strikers also can’t use their abilities.
  • Immune – when you are an under this effect you become untargetable and immune to effects and abilities except for buffs. You are protected by this effect when you spawn.
  • Elusive – You will become immune to effects and abilities while also being untargetable. But, buffs and debuffs that are on you will still persist.
  • Damage – when you receive damage your Stagger bar gets raised a bit.
  • Hit – Every time you are subject to either a knock, stun, or similar effects it is considered a hit.

We hope our article helped you better understand Omega Strikers. Find out more about the game through our articles Best Goalies in Omega Strikers and How To Unlock Characters in Omega Strikers. Get more exciting news and guides from the gaming industry by following Gamer Journalist on Facebook.

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