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All Playable Skaters in Session: Skate Sim

Play as these real (and not-so-real) skaters!
Session Skate Sim
Image via Crea-ture Studios

In the vast history of gaming, there are very few constants. But, one of these constants is thus: there will always be a new skateboarding game, and it’ll let you play as pro skaters. Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater was the premier example of this, allowing players to step into the shoes of Chad Muska, Bob Burnquist, and Hawk himself. In the case of Session: Skate Sim, there could be a challenger to the throne.

Here are all the playable skaters — both pro and not-so-much — available in Session: Skate Sim.

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All Playable Skaters in Session: Skate Sim

In Session: Skate Sim, players can create their own skater. But, on the off chance they’d prefer to select a pre-built character, there are 18 options in total. 16 of these options are pro skaters. Here’s the list:

  1. Billy Marks
  2. Daewon Song
  3. Dane Burman
  4. Donovan Strain
  5. Annie Guglia
  6. AntiFerg
  8. Ribsman
  9. Jahmir Brown
  10. Louie Barletta
  11. Manny Santiago
  12. Mark Appleyard
  13. Nora Vasconcellos
  14. Ryan Thompson
  15. Samarria Brevard
  16. Torey Pudwill

In terms of non-pro skaters, the game includes Prison Dude, a reference to the original Kickstarter builds of Session: Skate Sim. In addition to Jesse Lacroix, a content creator who usually plays skating games. It’s important to note that any players who would like to customize their characters cannot do so with the pre-built skaters. So, if that’s important to you, it’d probably be best to create your own skater.

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