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What is the Best Starting Class for Diablo 4 Beta? Answered

Time to be a cool furry guy.
Screenshot via Blizzard Entertainment

The Diablo 4 beta is just around the corner. Many gamers around the world have been waiting a decade to play the next installment of the action RPG powerhouse. In the beta players will have access to Barbarian, Rogue, Sorcerer, Druid and Necromancer. These classes are staples in the genre and series, so we’re glad to see them come back. Thankfully, for any new players or people who need some guidance we’ve found what the best starting class is in the beta.

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Best Starting Class for Diablo 4 Beta

Screenshot via Blizzard Entertainment

From on high (the closed beta tests) fans of the series have been hearing rumors. Whispers of the magnificent new Druid class have made their way into players minds. And it’s for good reason! The Druid in Diablo 4 is legitimately the strongest in the game. Having access to Werebear, Human form and Werewolf form makes them not only insanely strong but very cool. It’s exciting to see Blizzard take the usual Druid formula and make it operate differently around some very brutal animal transformations.

Besides being able to rip and tear anything in your path the Druid has access to the Storm and Earth magic elements which will rain heavy AoE spells on any demon on the screen. There’s a fun mechanic with the class where any attack that has an Earth element to it has the potential to deal a flat percentage of damage from the enemies TOTAL health. That’s crazy!

Another very cool aspect of the class is the ability of being able to swap into and out of forms whenever you want. If you’re in the Werebear form and need to get a single target attack off, you can swap to the werewolf form. On top of that easy maneuvering the spells the Druid has access to are very strong. Being able to throw a boulder at a group of enemies like a bowling ball. Having the ability to summon tornados and cause lightning to strike around you in an AoE.

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